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Welcome you brave: The Buried Temple awaits you!

Altar of the Dead Gods is a skirmish wargame for two players. Take command of small warbands that fight in the depth of the Buried Temple to gain the favour of monstrous deities.

An easy and quick learning miniature agnostic ruleset permits you to play from the beginning with a handful of pieces.

Pick one of the six factions with their heroes and minons and start to explore and battle. Glory or death? You will find it soon…

What would I need to play?

Dice – A handful of six-sided dice.

Miniatures – A small number of miniatures. The game is miniature agnostic so you can use something already in your collection, 3d printed or from any established company out there. The intention is to set up a thematic Warband…So go wild with your imagination and create the band you always wanted!

Cards – To keep track of the statistics and skills of your Warband you can use cards. You will find a downloadable and printable pdf with all those cards you need here.

Board – To play AOTDG you will need a board with a 1″ square grid. We recommend the size of 25×17 square. The playing area should easily fit on your kitchen table. A downloadable board ready to be printed can be found here.

Tokens – Finally, you will need some tokens to mark damages and statuses that could afflict your models. You can download and print all the needed tokens from the pdf file you can find here.


Getting the latest from all over the Buried Temple…

Altar of the Dead Gods al MINIACS 2022

il 3 settembre 2021 Alla Miniacs week di Milano, veniva lanciato il manuale 1.0 di Altar of the Dead Gods, frutto di un anno intero di lavoro, test intensivi e tentacoli superflui.Dopo il successo inaspettato di quell’evento, era naturale che il MANUALE IN ITALIANO venisse...